j. ankle (dreamer_undone) wrote in surreal_games,
j. ankle

Game #2

Take the following poem and perform the same operation as with your individual poem.

“The Mirror” by Jorge Luis Borges

As a child I feared the mirror might reveal
Another face, or make me see a blind
Impersonal mask whose blankness must conceal
Something horrible, no doubt. I also feared
The silent time inside the looking glass
Might meander from the ordinary stream
Of mundane human hours, and harbor deep
Within its vague, imaginary space
New-found beings, colors, unknown shapes.
(I spoke of this to no one; children are shy.)
Now I fear the mirror may disclose
The true, unvarnished visage of my soul,
Bruised by shadows, black and blue with guilt –
The face God sees, that perhaps men see too.
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